Women Yawn Their Way Into Heart Attacks

It’s not bad enough women are much more efficient at sucking out carbs and storing them as fat than men, but now a new study has found we have a completely different “warning” mechanism before a heart attack occurs. Dr. Jean McSweeny used her Acute and Prodromal Myocardial Infarction Symptom Survey, and discovered the most frequently reported prodromal symptom of a heart attack in women was unusual fatigue, difficulty sleeping and shortness of breath. Only 30% reported chest pain, a hallmark of an impending MI in men. Women had more acute symptoms ( meaning they had less of a lead time than men ) and their symptoms occured more frequently and intensely than men’s.In The Menopause Diet, I have discussed how sleep changes can increase your risk for a heart attack by raising insulin levels. This study helps to clarify why so many women are sent home from the ER only to suffer fatal heart attacks because their symptoms did not fit the “typical MALE profile.”If you want to read the full study, just send off an email with the subject heart through our Contact Us form and I’ll send you a PDF file of the study.

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