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Healthy Life Publications Inc offers you a wide selection of books and supplements focused on giving you the power to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you suffer from interstitial cystitis, pick up a copy of  the groundbreaking “You Don’t Have to Live With Cystitis” by Dr. Larrian Gillespie and the cookbook “The New My Body My Diet”, created by IC patients to help them eat the right foods for their bladder.

“The Menopause Diet” and “The Menopause Diet Mini Meal Cookbook” show women how food can manipulate their hormones and how to get rid of the Buddha Belly that can increase our risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Not yet in menopause? Then read “The Goddess Diet” and get a head start on preventing the health issues of menopause.And if you need more help, “You’re Not Crazy It’s Your Hormones” is your personal workbook guiding you through an endocrine evaluation so you and your physician can work together in discovering if you suffer from hypothyroidism, adrenal problems or hormones gone bad!

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Skip Breakfast and Gain Weight

Guess which meal is the most important one of your day? It’s BREAKFAST,    the very one we most often skip because of time constraints. Well, if you     need more convincing that you need to start out the day with a healthy meal, read what this new research article discovered.

Women who regularly skipped their breakfast were more likely to pack
on the pounds and increase their risk for heart disease than anyone

According to the study published in the recent issue of the American Journal
of Clinical Nutrition,
women skipped their breakfast for two weeks
but were found to ear more during the rest of the day,which resulted
in higher cholesterol levels, and less sensitive to insulin than women
who ate breakfast every day.

Researchers followed the effects of eating or skipping breakfast on
calories consumed and burned throughout the day as well as circulating
insulin, glucose, and cholesterol levels in 10 healthy women of normal

If you ate breakfast, you actually consumed about 100 fewer calories
per day and had a better insulin response to eating, suggesting that
your risk of diabetes was lower. This is known as the Staub-Traugott
effect, which showed that eating meals closer together determines your
blood sugar response to the next meal. This also affects your LDL or
“bad” cholesterol levels,also making them lower, which is a GOOD thing.
Bunch this all together and the researchers discovered a real negative
effect from skipping breakfast:Increased cholesterol and insulin levels
may also increase your risk of heart disease over time.

You don’t need a research study to understand that skipping breakfast
has become more common due to misguided efforts to lose weight or time pressures in the morning. So try some quick and easy starters for your day with The Menopause Diet Plan.

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