Bioavailable Liquid Mineral Supplements

Menopause is a time for protecting your bones and joints from the hormonal changes nature sends our way. Supplements that include all the essential bone nutrients in a bioavailable format, like those we offer in our liquid Silica Oxy-Bone Silicon formula, are a great way to start supporting and repairing your bones now.

Silica, in its oxygen rich format, called orthosilicic acid, will not only keep the living protein matrix of your bones flexible and strong, but when combined with essential minerals such as boron, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sulfur and zinc will also provide an abundant store of minerals so that your bones won’t suffer if they get robbed by the rest of your body’s needs.

Don’t be part of the 40% of women age 50 or over in menopause who will experience a hip, spine or wrist fracture sometime during the remainder of their life! Start committing to giving your bones and joints what they need now with Silica Oxy-Joint and Bladder Silicon or Silica Oxy- Bone Silicon today.

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