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Talk with Larrian Gillespie, The Hormone Diva, ( the country’s leading patient advocate, ) about everything from nutrition and hormonal problems, to sex and relationship issues on our very private message board (for subscribers only).

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While your doctor is an expert in medicine and disease, you are the expert about your own life. Taking an active role in your health care allows you to achieve the best possible outcomes. So sign up now and begin making wise choices with your health!

“Thank you for having this site. You have given me more information and sound advice in a short period than I’ve received in years from anyone else. Oftentimes, like with this bowel thing, I find myself obsessing so much, that I can’t sometimes logically figure out what to do. It was great to be able to send you a message and receive a timely response. You saved me from a lot of worry and potential panic.
You make a difference in people’s lives, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Thanks, again.” — Robin