7 Diet Traps and How To Fix Them

Learn how to avoid these diet traps

Like most of America, you’ve got pounds to shed that won’t budge
despite hitting the gym and walking blindfolded past the Krispy Kremes. So
what could be sabotoging your diet? Let me share with you the 7 Deadly
Diet Traps
and show you how to fix them.


I used to skip breakfast because of operating, then grab a bagel with
peanut butter/cream cheese and a banana for lunch as I rushed back to the
office, then would consume mass quantities of food at my evening meal. If
you find yourself nibbling in the afternoon on high glycemic carbs instead
of good protein, let me show you how to fix this. You need to feed
yourself OFTEN by establishing a routine. Figure out what snacks
work for you and make it a pattern to eat every 3-4 hours, as this stokes
your metabolism and puts the brakes on carb bingeing.

I routinely have a few slices of French ham/provolone cheese with a
great French mustard/mayo on some lettuce leaves for a quick lunch when
I’m working. It satisfies and it fits my needs for quickness.


Not every diet or exercise program fits the needs of every particular
individual. Walking in the AM is hopeless if you are an PM person. So make
a fitness plan that WORKS with your lifestyle, personality. I found that
walking at 4pm for the entire duration of the Ellen Degeneres Program fit
my personality/needs. Now, I don’t want to MISS my scheduled walk, as that
also means I’ve missed her show. So, design your own program to be doable
for you. If you hate to cook or don’t have the time, cook on Sunday and
fix meals for the entire week.


I know you’re addicted to Diet whatever…but those liquids don’t make
your “satiety” hormones work in your stomach. So always eat some protein
when drinking a non-caloric drink to keep the gastric wave moving along


Just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking as far away
as possible in the grocery store parking lot is a GOOD START, but a study
of over 3000 people who lost weight and KEPT it off showed that roughly an
hour of moderate DAILY exercise, such as walking at 3mph, was the key to
successful weight control. Get a pedometer and discover how MANY or few
steps you are actually taking in a day. When I strapped one on, I was
stunned to see that my macaws actually generated MORE movement than me.
You want to log-in approximately 11,000 to 12,000 steps per day (or
roughly 5 miles) to keep the weight off.


The easiest way to inhale calories without noticing is to multitask
while eating. In an unusually interesting study to me, since I belong to
the Mystery Writers of America, was noting that people ate 300 more
calories while listening to a detective story than when they ate in
silence. The fix is to give yourself 10 minutes to eat without focusing on
commercials or reading material, which is about how long it takes your
brain to register the message that you’re full.

    6. AGING

Uh…it’s the truth. As we age we start to lose muscle and gain fat,
making it tougher to maintain our weight. As our muscle mass shrinks, so
does our need for calories. But that doesn’t translate to our stomachs! So
you need to do something to build muscle, such as resistance training or
lifting light weights. For women, that means using a 3-5 pound weight and doing a series of 10 reps at a time for each muscle group.


Restaurant calories add up fast, particularly since they don’t focus on
calorie/carb restriction that matches up to your plan. Portion size is
another issue. The fix is to select restaurants that cater to your diet plan, or choose appetizers instead of main courses for your meal.

No matter what diet you choose, make your behavior consistent,
repeatable and take into account what is MOST important to you when eating

About Larrian
Larrian Gillespie is a gynecologic urologist who received her medical degree from the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine and practiced Urology and Urogynecology in Beverly Hills for 15 years before retiring.With an ability to translate “doctor speak” into terms anyone can understand, Larrian has been featured in over 75 magazine stories and numerous television shows, including Good Morning America, CBS Woman to Woman News, and CNN. She has served on the medical advisory board of SHAPE Magazine, Prevention Books, Readers Digest Books,Oxmoor Books, Low Carb Energy and been a frequent source for numerous other publications, including WebMD.

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